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We often get asked, “What does Open Studio mean?”  Open Studio means we welcome Guests to walk in and create with us, using any of our materials!  Choose a project and our staff will provide a brief overview of materials and tools, offer resources for inspiration and set you free to fly!   Many of our Guests have attended classes first in our activities, allowing much more comfort when returning to create with us in Open Studio.  Attending a class is not a requirement to work in Open Studio, however please remember that Open Studio will not include step by step instruction.  We will try and assist if you run into difficulties, but a dedicated staff member is not included.  This is your time to create on your own.

We offer several activities in Open Studio such as canvas painting, glass painting, glass fusing, jewelry stamping, mosaics, boards and more.  Some activities we highly suggest previous training, such as the Pottery Wheel.  If you’ve never sat at the potters wheel and come in for Open Studio, we feel you will be just handing money over to us without any results, and that just isn’t fair to you.  We are here for your success and try our best to help ensure your time with us is fun, creative and worthwhile.

Canvas pricing for Open Studio

16″ x 20″ Canvas- $25

11″ x 14″ Canvas- $20

8″x10″ Canvas- $15

We also offer odd size canvases at special rates.


Buy a canvas and use all of our mixed media materials, paint, whatever you choose to create a one of a kind, beautiful piece using fabrics, stencils, buttons, anything! Let your imagination SHINE!!

For Fused Glass, you’ll start off with a base piece:

2″ & Under Square- $10

3″Square- $15

4″ Square- $20

6″ Square/Circle- $30

8″ Square-$40

Using all of our glass pieces, tools, idea books, to create a one of a kind piece for your home! Your pieces can be formed into a dish shape as well (additional charge)

After you’ve completed a piece it may take up to 2 weeks for the firing and slumping. (Slumping-shaping your piece into a dish/plate..etc.)


Single Plank- $15

Double Plank- $20

Small- $35



Choose a size, choose a stencil from our pre-cut collection, and watch a step by step video and have at it!!  A brief overview from our staff will be given, but please remember,  OUR STAFF CANNOT BE DEDICATED TO YOU IN OPEN STUDIO.  We are more than happy to help out with tips or tricks, but if you are not comfortable in doing this activity on your own with little help, we suggest taking one of our classes for your first time.



Mosaics- Pick a shape you’d like to do! We have crowns, frogs, giraffes, squares, dragonflies and many, many more to choose from! Glue your tiles pieces onto your shape. One you are done it will need to dry for 24 hours, we will send home a grouting kit with you, complete with instructions, grout, and gloves!

We offer OPEN STUDIO for all our activities and feel with a little instruction and guidance you will achieve amazing results *

*exception being first timers on the Pottery Wheel 🙂

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